Sunday, February 05, 2006



- I am sad that the Seahawks lost the Superbowl.
- I am sad that the commercials for the Superbowl generally sucked, and not one single advertiser could be bothered to incorporate the fact that this was Superbowl XL into their schtick.


- My three year old niece made me several valentines today, which included my name. My name is eight letters long.... which is double her previous name-length record. That makes it a bitch to fit on a valentine heart when you are printing. And even stamping is difficult, as letters are repeated, so Mom can't just lay the letters out for you in advance. Just tugs at the heart strings.
- Before heading off to the game we discovered "Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet. Three straight hours of puppies playing on a psuedo football field. The "Bowl Cam" (a camera placed in the bottom of the water dish) was the best. I'm just sad that I didn't learn of the kitty half-time show before now, as that would have been much better than Mick Jagger singing off key.


Blogger Shannin said...

We didn't turn into the puppy bowl this year seeing how we live one every day...

6:20 PM  

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