Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fearless NFL Playoff Predictions

I received the helmet of champions yesterday (part of my reward for winning at fantasy football this year), so I'm in a football frame of mind. That, and procrastinating the housework I have to do to prepare the house for dinner guests tonight.

For the record, we're TiVoing the games, although I know the results of the first half of the Seahawks/Redskins game.

Seahawks Redskins: aka Matt Hasselbeck vs. Santana Moss. Gotta' go Seattle here, since I've got good players in both games so have to go with the home field advantage. And Shaun Alexander WITH a concussion can still kick major ass.

Broncos vs. Patriots: I have no players on either team, so no rooting interest there. But I find Tom Brady's butt chin very disturbing. Especially since the chin strap appears like the back of a pair of tighty-whities. Everytime they show him on camera I imagine these little legs sticking out of the legholes of the underpants and it just disgusts me. That, and I'm sick of the Patriots winning the Superbowl. So we're going Broncos here.

Colts vs. Steelers: aka Dallas Clark vs. Big Bad Ben Roethlisberger. Dallas Clark is not a quality football player, and was the last member of my team picked up, so I could care less about him. Big Bad Ben is one of my stars. That, and I find Peyton Manning's audibles annoying to watch. So we're going Steelers here.

Carolina vs. Chicago: aka John Kasay vs. Thomas Jones. A running back is more valuable than a kicker, so I've got to go Chicago.

Sweetie has Superbowl bets on both the Colts and Carolina, so if my predictions play out that means those bets were a waste of money. But I'm just trying to position my players to be as valuable as possible, so I have some good keepers for next season and can maybe make some preseason trades with the other guys.


Blogger Joe said...

Had a great time last night watching the Broncos/Pats game with two students from Cleveland who are similarly sick of Brady and the Pats.

And even more sick of Phil Simms' Brady Bandwagon. When Simms said that maybe it's the thin Colorado air which was making The Golden Boy overthrow every 3rd pass, we nearly lost it.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Shannin said...

I'm bummed the Colts didn't win, but I like the Steelers, so didn't feel too horrible. Loved the game!

Should be a good weekend of football!!

5:30 AM  

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